Art Opening & Live Auction Today
  42x52" Impala, New Orleans (By Brian Kellett)
  Tessellation 78 (By   Nicki Crock)
  Franklinton Market at the 400   24"x18" oil on panel (By Andrew Lundberg)
   "This" on recycled 70s book page (By Amy Turn Sharp)
  9 ft by 7 ft painting (By Heather Lynn Kyle)
  Galactic Dog 11x14 pastel and watercolor (By Bear Djupe)
  "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" hand-drawn buttons (By Laura Sanders)    Suggested Retail Price: $50
 Silkscreen Print (By Melissa Francis Luna)
  Tony Bartender/Bar Back/Manager at Novaks Tavern & Patio print (By Jodi Miller)
  Explodiation, found material (By Matthew Richard Barnes)
  "Frida" (By Wallace Peck)    Suggested Retail Price: $480
  'Playground' digital print (By Miles Weissweller)
 "Crescent" gold leaf, ink, acrylic on canvas (By Larry Doyle)
  Sometimes I think about you. Acrylic on panel 2014 (By Daniel Gerdeman)    Suggested Retail Price: $200
 Bag's Blues...punk rocker, writer, advocate, activist, feminist, bad ass, Alice Bag. Oil on found wood. 2014 (By Rob Jones)   Suggested Retail Price: $200
 "Summer Dreams" Digital print, hand drawn & painted, then colorized in photoshop (By Meghan Borders)
 "Silhouetiquette" 2013 (By Cyrus Fire)   Suggested Retail Price: $80
 Frida, 9x9, acrylic on canvas (By Kate Menke)
 Lines of Communication: Cooperation (By Lisa McLymont)
 Cut Out Cyborg Rocket Man (By Chris Tennant)
 Rough Waters No. 1 (By Michelle Maguire)   Suggested Retail Price: $110
 'I'm Trying Not To Wonder' -2014 Screen Print Xerox Transfer on wood. 12x12 (By Nicholas Nocera)  Suggested Retail Price: $100
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