Artist: Jeremy Wells
1. Her name was Lee Ann, the most beautiful girl my teenage eyes had ever seen... (marker, ink, pencil) #wildartcolumbus.jpg
2. She and I met in middle school, but a cross-country move split us apart... (ink) #wildartcolumbus.jpg
3. It was the first time I ever missed anyone, so we kept in contact by writing letters every week or so... (markers, ink, pencil) #wildartcolumbus.jpg
4. Months past, many letters sent, but my words felt inadequate. How could I tell her how I really felt (marker, ink, pencil) #wildartcolumbus.jpg
6. It totally worked! (marker, ink, pencil) #wildartcolumbus.jpg
7. We kept in contact for a while, writing an calling often. I couldn't see it then, but our teenage romance wasn't meant to be... (marker, ink, pencil) #wildartcolumbus.jpg
8. We called it quits over the phone and let young love die. I would have never guessed the love that birthed afterward... (marker, ink, pencil) #wildartcolumbus.jpg
9. 16 years later, I absolutely love making portraits! (marker, ink, pencil) #wildartcolumbus.jpg
I had an idea - I'd draw portraits and send them as often as I could... (ink) #wildartcolumbus.jpg
Thanks to WGC for allowing me to goof off for a day and do something a little different from my norm. And, of course, a big thanks to everyone in Instagramland who liked and shared my marker work. I hope you enjoyed my scribbles. One final piece, and.jpg
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