Artist: Nicholas Nocera
'Reference' 2014 Screen Print on paper 12x12- Nicholas Nocera _Ok sorry,THIS is my last piece ) Sometimes when you're testing color combos and such, your test print can become more interesting than the planned print. _Thanks guys) -Nick #wildartcolum.jpg
Last one ! 'Fire' Nicholas Nocera Screen print _ Acrylic on Wood 2014 12x12.  Giant thank you to everyone that has clicked _ voted,and played a part in this experiment. Thanks to Wild Goose for asking me to do this. It's been fun) Stay in touch. @nic.jpg
'I miss you' -Nicholas Nocera 2014 Screen print and Xerox Transfer on wood. 12x12. #wildartcolumbus #wildgoosecreative #nicknocera #nicholasnocera.jpg
'Roam' -2014 Screen Print _ Acrylic on wood. 12x12 #wildartcolumbus #wildgoosecreative #nicknocera #nicholasnocera.jpg
'When it's all stripped to the bone, my life is at home' (quote from The Promise Ring song Life is at Home.) 2014-  2 color Screen Print on wood. 12x12 #wildartcolumbus #wildgoosecreative  #nicholasnocera  #nicknocera.jpg
'I'm Trying Not To Wonder' -2014 Screen Print  Xerox Transfer on wood. 12x12. #wildartcolumbus #wildgoosecreative #nicknocera #nicholasnocera.jpg
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