Artist: Rob Jones
Bag's Blues...punk rocker, writer, advocate, activist, feminist, bad ass, Alice Bag. Oil on found wood. 2014 #wildartcolumbus.jpg
Balancing Act Blues...everyman emcee, Slug of Atmosphere fame...oil on found wood, 12 x 18.5, 2014..jpg
Dogtown Saint Blues...Z-Boy Jay Adams. 17 x 17. Oil on found wood. Sept 2014. #wildartcolumbus.jpg
Good morning y'all,  I am Rob Jones and I am today's Wild Goose Creative take over artist.  I would like to thank everyone involved with this great project. I am a family man and an elementary art teacher. Enjoy the work and bright moments! #oldschoo.jpg
Naturally Blues...thee explosive powder keg of soul, Miss Sharon Jones! Oil on found wood, 12.5 x 17.5, Feb.2014. #wildartcolumbus.jpg
Screaming Eagle Blues...thee screaming eagle of soul, Charles Bradley. Oil on found wood, 17.5 x 22. March 2014..jpg
Thee Chatham Jack Blues...Billy Childish of the Medway Delta. Musicain, poet, and painter. Oil on found wood. 13 x 17. 2014.jpg
Trippel Bock ode to Bock beer...acrylic and found objects on found wood. 18 x 4 x 35, Jan 2014. #wildartcolumbus.jpg
West African Blues...thee West African Lion, gutbucket taxidermy at its finest! House paint and found wood on found wood, 27 x 9 x 44, Apr. 2014. #wildartcolumbus.jpg
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