Artist: Matthew Richard Barnes
Sponsor: Car2Go
Composition #6. I like to play with lines, shapes, colors, and textures. #wildartcolumbus @misterbarnes.jpg
Composition #14. #wildartcolumbus @misterbarnes.jpg
Composition #22. This is another one that works well as a print because of the forced 2 dimensionality. #wildartcolumbus @misterbarnes.jpg
Composition #27. Last one! Thanks everyone for enduring my work today. I hope you were able to glean something from it. Thanks to @wildgoosecreative for putting this together! Be sure to stay tuned the rest of the week for some more amazing artists f.jpg
Explodiation. #wildartcolumbus.jpg
Fractal in a frame. This is an open vintage photo album placed inside an old cabinet door. I like to be overtly precise when I select the pieces to combine and try to make as few moves as possible to get a good composition..jpg
Heart. This is one of my oldest and most favorite pieces. I pay close attention to shape relationships and color. I love how this pieces drapes off the wall too. #wildartcolumbus @misterbarnes.jpg
Scint. This piece in person is a site to behold. It vibrates so strongly and draws you in. It has the power to consume your senses..jpg
Vortex. Seeing this image as a print is pretty cool. I like to force two dimensionality out of my work by photographing it straight on and then printing it at scale on fathead style stickers..jpg
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