#wildartcolumbus Is Here!

Tomorrow begins the next installment of #wildartcolumbus! we are VERY excited about the line up of columbus based artists, and we cannot wait to see the final result.

In preparation for this project, the curators have put together some thoughts on this project, Wild Goose Creative, art communities and the role that instagram plays in contemporary art.

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The world of contemporary art is ever-increasingly becoming more decentralized and more interdisciplinary; An artist no longer needs to be based in New York or LA to be considered a serious cultural worker, the highest standard of artistic craft is not necessarily based off of an institutional standard and important discourse is no longer confined to only the blue chip galleries and universities.  This decentralization of the creative world is a direct result of social media and the democratic nature of internet culture.  The freedom that exists because of social media platforms, such as instagram, has enabled artists in all stages of their careers to reach a vastly wider audience, and to build networks and communities of makers, creatives and visionaries.

      We are interested in instagram as a medium for many reasons - the most interesting of which is its ability to give a face to a community of artists.  It exists in a liminal space between the public and the private.  It is more subject to scrutiny than one’s sketchbook, but it is a much more casual alternative to mounting an exhibition in a brick and mortar gallery.  It is an arena where an artist can simultaneously bring specificity to their brand while at the same time flush out developing ideas.  

The freedom and flexibility that an instagram account brings to the artistic process can be quite surprising.  As artists post images of their own work, and give feedback on the work of others, communities of artists are quickly formed over the simple act of ‘liking’ images.  The result of this community is instant feedback.  If an image gets an outstanding number of positive interaction from its viewers, the author of that image knows it has some quality that is worth exploring. It is this idea of ‘instant feedback’ that we are exploring with #wildartcolumbus.

This exhibition begins in the sphere of Instagram.  We ask artists to post new work on the Wild Goose Instagram account - work that hasn’t been seen, work that is in the process of being resolved, work that is new to the world - Then the public gets to give that artist automatic feedback!  The number of ‘likes’ each work gets is a reflection of what is working and what isn’t.  The work with the most ‘likes’ is then brought to the gallery for the brick and mortar exhibition and auction.  One thing that is so exciting about the #wildartcolumbus project is that it ends with an exhibition that has been curated by the viewing public.  The outcome of this interaction between the artists and the viewing public is a strong arts community.  #wildartcolumbus is proud to do its part to strengthen that community and raise money to keep Wild Goose Creative’s doors open to the public so they can continue to house the amazing programming that keeps the arts alive in Columbus.