#wildartcolumbus will return in September 2015

Want to take part in the next #wildartcolumbus? 

Participating artists post 5 pieces of new original artwork to our social media channels via our Instagram account for one day. One piece of your art will be selected by Columbus to be auctioned off at a September 30 Pop-Up Art Opening & Auction. You will receive 50% of the selling price for the piece of art featured in the show, in addition to $100 from a generous community sponsor. 

As a partner in #wildartcolumbus you will:

• Promote the program through your personal social media outlets prior to, during and after your chosen day, using the hashtag #wildartcolumbus.

• Post a short bio (25 words or less) and a self portrait on Wild Goose Creative's Instagram Feed at the start of your day. (Feeling shy? This image does not have to be a headshot.)

• Post a minimum of five and maximum of ten images videos (and accompanying text) of your original artwork (that can later be sold in our live auction) on Wild Goose Creative's Instagram Feed on the day assigned to you by Wild Goose Creative. A full day starts at 12:01 a.m. and ends at Midnight.

◆ At least three of your posts should be new works that have not yet been exhibited.

◆ While Wild Goose Creative believes in all artistic expression, we reserve the right to remove a post.

◆ Wild Art Columbus is a place to share personal works of art. Please refrain from commercial content such as marketing, branding or logos.  

◆ Failure to complete this portion of the project will result in removal from Wild Art Columbus and, therefore, cancels eligibility for the $100 payment. If you are unable to participate, Wild Goose Creative requests a 48 hour notice. 

Interested? Let us know by emailing heather@wildgoosecreative.com