#wildartcolumbus will return

The Wild Goose Creative Board of Directors had one of those get-into-the-woods-and-discuss-the-upcoming-year-while-trying-to-operate-a-crappy-coffee-maker retreats. 

Instead of trust falls, we opened the retreat by telling one another what our favorite memory at Wild Goose Creative is. A good chunk of our all-volunteer board had the same answer: the #wildartcolumbus Live Auction last September. 

In short, we want to do it again. With your help.

We're hosting a committee soon to plan the next installment of #wildartcolumbus, which will be in May of 2015. We'd love for you (yes, you) to join us. 

Email Board President Jill Moorhead at jill@wildgoosecreative.com with your info, and you'll receive an invite to that first committee meeting. (We'll provide fizzy water and grapes.)