a HUGE thanks to our amazing sponsors

#wildartcolumbus would not be a reality without the generous help of our sponsors.  One thing that make Columbus so special is all of the small businesses and organizations that support each other.  Lets take a minute to celebrate that by acknowledging those local businessnes and individuals that have made this event possible. 


The Lab

Edwards Urban

Gateway Film Center


Taft Law

Market 65


The Wexner Center for the Arts

Candle Lab

Cindy Leland



Available Light Theater

Jesse Jones

Jessie Glover Boettcher


Green Columbus

Rouge Bakery

Ethyl and Tank

The Crest

Hoof Hearted Brew Pub and Kitchen

Capital City Scooters

Weilands Market

Columbus Unscripted Improv Festival

Katalina's Cafe







#wildartcolumbus Is Here!

Tomorrow begins the next installment of #wildartcolumbus! we are VERY excited about the line up of columbus based artists, and we cannot wait to see the final result.

In preparation for this project, the curators have put together some thoughts on this project, Wild Goose Creative, art communities and the role that instagram plays in contemporary art.

Remember to follow follow www.instagram.com/wildgoosecreative to enjoy and engage with Columbus Art!

The world of contemporary art is ever-increasingly becoming more decentralized and more interdisciplinary; An artist no longer needs to be based in New York or LA to be considered a serious cultural worker, the highest standard of artistic craft is not necessarily based off of an institutional standard and important discourse is no longer confined to only the blue chip galleries and universities.  This decentralization of the creative world is a direct result of social media and the democratic nature of internet culture.  The freedom that exists because of social media platforms, such as instagram, has enabled artists in all stages of their careers to reach a vastly wider audience, and to build networks and communities of makers, creatives and visionaries.

      We are interested in instagram as a medium for many reasons - the most interesting of which is its ability to give a face to a community of artists.  It exists in a liminal space between the public and the private.  It is more subject to scrutiny than one’s sketchbook, but it is a much more casual alternative to mounting an exhibition in a brick and mortar gallery.  It is an arena where an artist can simultaneously bring specificity to their brand while at the same time flush out developing ideas.  

The freedom and flexibility that an instagram account brings to the artistic process can be quite surprising.  As artists post images of their own work, and give feedback on the work of others, communities of artists are quickly formed over the simple act of ‘liking’ images.  The result of this community is instant feedback.  If an image gets an outstanding number of positive interaction from its viewers, the author of that image knows it has some quality that is worth exploring. It is this idea of ‘instant feedback’ that we are exploring with #wildartcolumbus.

This exhibition begins in the sphere of Instagram.  We ask artists to post new work on the Wild Goose Instagram account - work that hasn’t been seen, work that is in the process of being resolved, work that is new to the world - Then the public gets to give that artist automatic feedback!  The number of ‘likes’ each work gets is a reflection of what is working and what isn’t.  The work with the most ‘likes’ is then brought to the gallery for the brick and mortar exhibition and auction.  One thing that is so exciting about the #wildartcolumbus project is that it ends with an exhibition that has been curated by the viewing public.  The outcome of this interaction between the artists and the viewing public is a strong arts community.  #wildartcolumbus is proud to do its part to strengthen that community and raise money to keep Wild Goose Creative’s doors open to the public so they can continue to house the amazing programming that keeps the arts alive in Columbus.

#wildartcolumbus will return in September 2015

Want to take part in the next #wildartcolumbus? 

Participating artists post 5 pieces of new original artwork to our social media channels via our Instagram account for one day. One piece of your art will be selected by Columbus to be auctioned off at a September 30 Pop-Up Art Opening & Auction. You will receive 50% of the selling price for the piece of art featured in the show, in addition to $100 from a generous community sponsor. 

As a partner in #wildartcolumbus you will:

• Promote the program through your personal social media outlets prior to, during and after your chosen day, using the hashtag #wildartcolumbus.

• Post a short bio (25 words or less) and a self portrait on Wild Goose Creative's Instagram Feed at the start of your day. (Feeling shy? This image does not have to be a headshot.)

• Post a minimum of five and maximum of ten images videos (and accompanying text) of your original artwork (that can later be sold in our live auction) on Wild Goose Creative's Instagram Feed on the day assigned to you by Wild Goose Creative. A full day starts at 12:01 a.m. and ends at Midnight.

◆ At least three of your posts should be new works that have not yet been exhibited.

◆ While Wild Goose Creative believes in all artistic expression, we reserve the right to remove a post.

◆ Wild Art Columbus is a place to share personal works of art. Please refrain from commercial content such as marketing, branding or logos.  

◆ Failure to complete this portion of the project will result in removal from Wild Art Columbus and, therefore, cancels eligibility for the $100 payment. If you are unable to participate, Wild Goose Creative requests a 48 hour notice. 

Interested? Let us know by emailing heather@wildgoosecreative.com


Heather makes it happen.

May’s curator for Wild Art Columbus is Heather Lynn Kyle.

We asked her to share a little about why she chose to be involved in the process. 

After being a featured artist in the seminal Wild Art Columbus, I jumped at the chance to get involved. I’m a social marketer for a living and an artist for a lifetime; this show is an interesting intersection of my training and passion. 

#WildArtColumbus is a way for artists to engage a new audience on the audience’s home turf. Some artists may think social is not a place for art, but that feels pretty limiting. A social-based show is great opportunity to receive engagement in a way altogether different than a gallery show. 

From quilts to video to sculpture, this round should bring a lively mix to Clintonville at the live auction on May 31. As the curator for this show, I worked closely with the Wild Goose board members and my network to find this group of emerging artists. We’ve got a whole block of photographers May 5-10 and a week of artists curated by CCAD Professor Tim Rietenbach May 11-17. 

Tim was one of my mentors at CCAD and forever be known for gesturing at me with a half-eaten apple during my thesis review. He is one of the most brilliant minds in Columbus and we are fortunate to have him involved. If you want to hear more stories about Tim, buy some artwork or meet the artists be sure to attend the live auction on May 31 at 6:30 p.m. 

If you’re interested in being a featured artist next time around, please email heather@wildgoosecreative.com! 

So you want to be a sponsor of #wildartcolumbus...

First off, that's awesome. Thanks.

By sponsoring #wildartcolumbus you're joining a group of amazing businesses and organizations who are committed to supporting the arts in Central Ohio. Can we name drop for a second? Businesses like Strongwater, A&R Creative Group (you know, the folks behind The Crest, The Market and Ethyl & Tank), The Wonder Jam, and CivitasNow. (We've got some great organizations on board, as well, including Columbus' epic music listing site, Cringe.com.)

By sponsoring a day of #wildartcolumbus, you'll be helping one (or more) Columbus artist with a little extra cash. $100 of your $200 sponsorship goes directly to the artist of the day(s) your sponsor. $100 will buy ten new brushes for a painter, website registration for a year for a crafter looking to sell their wares, a new flash for a photographer, or (not to be boring) cover accountant fees for tax season. 

Oh, and you'll also be helping Wild Goose Creative raise $3100 to go toward operating expenses. This is huge. (Did you know that it costs more than $60,000 a year to cover rent, pay staff, and cover day-to-day expenses like electricity and and internet at Wild Goose Creative?) And even with that all donation expense, they still manage to give one out of every four dollars directly back to the arts in Central Ohio? Cool, huh?

What does your $200/day sponsorship get you? Here's a quick run-down:

- 1 post on Instagram of your logo or ad to a highly captive audience (of more than 12,500 combined followers) 
- Your logo/ad highlighted on Facebook and this website
- Your business name on the gallery wall and an auctioneer shout out at the Live Auction on May 31
- You'll receive documentation of your sponsorship for tax deduction. Wild Goose Creative is a 501(c)(3) organization.
- And, of course, $100 of your sponsorship goes directly to the artist, $100 goes to Wild Goose Creative
(Not a designer? Wild Goose Creative can assist in ad design, if you need.)

Ready to get started? Go here! 




New This May

The May 2015 edition of #wildartcolumbus is curated with help from September 2014 participant Heather Lynn Kyle.  

CCAD Fine Arts professtor Tim Rietenbach will be our Special Guest Curator for the May 2015 edition of #wildartcolumbus. He teaches advanced sculpture and has received several individual artist grants from the Ohio Arts Council and Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) as well as the COSI Public Arts Project Grant from the GCAC to install Gigantic, a 100-foot sculpture of a human skeleton in the Columbus science museum. He also has received the Dresden/Saxony Residency from the GCAC and support from the National Endowment for the Arts. In addition to teaching, Rietenbach serves as director of student exhibitions and faculty council president at CCAD.

A few changes to the system.

- Sponsors will receive one Instagram post and one Facebook post per day.

- All art will be posted on Instagram and Facebook. (But not Twitter.) 

- Artists will produce a minimum of 5 pieces (and maximum of 10) to take part. At least 3 of the 5 pieces should be works not yet exhibited.

- 90% of the artists for the May #wildartcolumbus will be new to the program. Past participants will have an opportunity to post again in the fall of 2015.

- Artists who are interested in taking part should email heather@wildgoosecreative.com.

#wildartcolumbus will return

The Wild Goose Creative Board of Directors had one of those get-into-the-woods-and-discuss-the-upcoming-year-while-trying-to-operate-a-crappy-coffee-maker retreats. 

Instead of trust falls, we opened the retreat by telling one another what our favorite memory at Wild Goose Creative is. A good chunk of our all-volunteer board had the same answer: the #wildartcolumbus Live Auction last September. 

In short, we want to do it again. With your help.

We're hosting a committee soon to plan the next installment of #wildartcolumbus, which will be in May of 2015. We'd love for you (yes, you) to join us. 

Email Board President Jill Moorhead at jill@wildgoosecreative.com with your info, and you'll receive an invite to that first committee meeting. (We'll provide fizzy water and grapes.)



A peek.

Nicole Crock

See empty spaces on our calendar? We're updating it as we go. Our artists are starting to fill out their official onboarding (digital) paperwork. Through this hopefully not-too-harrowing process, they're learning about #wildartcolumbus, and we're learning about them. The piece above is by Nicole Crock, whose will be featured on day two. 

You can click on September 2 and learn a little about Nicole. Today, you'll see a big ol' number, her name and a bio. After September 2, though, it will be filled with more images.

By September 30, 2014, this entire site will be filled with original art born in the 614. 

We're quite looking forward to it.


All on board.

As (volunteer) Board Members of Wild Goose Creative, we have tasked ourselves to collaborate on one fundraiser a year. For 2014, #wildartcolumbus is that fundraiser. We believe this initiative to be worthwhile because it goes beyond the labor intensive and sometimes grueling task of raising money for our arts organization. It also helps us fulfill our mission: to facilitate the creation of art across multiple mediums by providing resources and experiences for the Columbus creative community while connecting artists and audiences in a versatile space.

With the amazing generosity of and support of daily sponsors, #wildartcolumbus benefits each participating artist financially.

The Board

Sarah Fulmer, President
Jill Moorhead, Vice President
Neda Golchin, Treasurer
Andrew Anderson, Secretary
Dana Cox
Matt Dickinson
Athena Inembolidis
Jesse Jones
Cindy Leland
Bill Sabo

The Staff

Grace Smith
Jessie Boettcher, Artistic Director*